New name!

When I started blogging, I did not have a very clear idea what it should be about. First, I had and article about deceptive, agenda-driven public communication, which became The Art of Bullshit.

So, the first impression was that the blog is to be about propaganda, deception, info ops and that kind of dirt. I still have tons of nice ideas for posts like that, and I will move such content + produce more of that stuff to

Not long after first few posts like that, I had an idea to write about topics related to something that could be called “Philosophy for Life”. The kind of stuff that touches on Modern Stoicism, flow states, mental resiliency, happiness, dealing with adversity, workings of a human mind, etc.

At that same time I started a regular contemplation, that eventually became my Practice Routine. I take no credit for that routine. It is all from somewhere. Lot of it is from the Modern Stoics, some of it is plain old sitting meditation. I will improve on it over time.

It is always what and how I do now.

Now the blog has its topic and a direction. A new name was needed:

The blog is now named after a “reserve clause“, in which one commits to an action without expecting that everything will go as planned, or that a specific end-result will be achieved.

This is one of the very first Stoic ideas I encountered, and it is still one of my favourites.

This alone will make a difference, I dare claim!

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