Category: Information War

In this category we dive right in to the dark side. This category collects any of the things and methods that are used when someone steps out of the straight-forward, open and honest marketplace of ideas. Here we are interested in the use of covert military operations, deception, confusion, disinformation and other such means to [...]

Waterboarding ourselves a better world?

“We tortured some folks.” Barack Obama On third of December 2014 the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence declassified and released a 500-page portion of their massive report confirming the use of torture by the United States Central Intelligence Agency, CIA. The incidents reported in this document took place between 2001 and 2006. The “interrogation methods” [...]

CRYPTO-GRAM newsletter by Bruce Schneier

If you are interested in security (computer and other), you should check out the CRYPTO-GRAM newsletter by Bruce Schneier. It is free, delivered to your inbox if you so wish and has a metric ton of well-sourced, well-written high-quality stuff every month. It debunks security-myths, takes a closer look on different approaches to security and [...]