Category: Information War


In this category we dive right in to the dark side.

This category collects any of the things and methods that are used when someone steps out of the straight-forward, open and honest marketplace of ideas. Here we are interested in the use of covert military operations, deception, confusion, disinformation and other such means to advance an agenda.

In these cases many times the agenda itself may be hidden.

Another area of interest in this category is the use of  Telecommunications Networks for any other purpose except for the obvious, the usual and the harmless. That means situations when someone uses the phone network or the Internet to break a system, steal information, eavesdrop or analyse traffic to find out who is communicating with whom and what information is being transmitted.

Although the methods and practises presented in this category may be and frequently are used by military- and espionage organisations, some of them may be also known from some other context. As always, this selection will grow and improve as I learn more and get to write more. Comments, corrections and suggestions are welcome!

Topics of interest

Active measures

Computer Network Operations / iWar

Covert Military Operations


In some cases a news source may be an agent of influence for some cause, supporting one side of a conflict. This ranges from being innocently biased towards some viewpoint up to being ready to say about anything to spread the “Truth”. The article HOW TO KNOW IF A NEWS SOURCE IS FAIR AND BALANCED? discusses ways to analyse the content and the tone of news stories.

Minor sabotage

Perception Management


The article titled The Art of Bullshit; Methods of Dishonest Communication lists and briefly describes the most common deceptive and shady ways how messages are composed, selected and distributed.


Reflexive control

Reflexive Control is a Soviet / Russian military study on how to influence the decision-making process of the opponent. Its aim is to direct the opponent to make a move that is beneficial to the initiator of the Reflexive Control.



List of all articles in this category

You can see the list of all articles in this category here.


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