Promises made, promises kept – from stagnation to action

I recently came across an interesting writer and an ”urban philosopher”, as he describes himself: Gary John Bishop, the author of books ”Unf*ck Yourself” and ”Stop Doing That Sh*t”. After listening to several of his interviews on YouTube, I am very intrigued by many of the ideas he promotes.

Paradigm of Action
This has actually been the theme of many recent posts here. I am a believer now. My analytical mind wants me to find more information, try it out a bit, not to commit, withhold decision, and so on. The problem with that is that when always researching, considering and analyzing, you end up doing not much anything. Most of the time gets spent ”between things”. Result is resentment and anxiety. It is a bit like being your own worst enemy, a saboteur.

Action is the only way to change. You must do something differently to get different results. Perhaps differently than you have ever done or even thought of doing. Another important point is that you will not feel like doing so. He repeatedly says that most valuable things he has done were done in the presence of negative emotions.

Don’t wait to ”feel like it”.

The feeling follows action, not the other way around!

Don’t hesitate to make promises. Of course, be somewhat reasonable, start small and work your way up from there. Here’s the idea: when you commit to an action with measurable results, it is harder to back away from it. Every time you keep a promise to yourself or to someone else, you become a bigger person, you expand yourself beyond your current limits. You have to keep those promises, or else happens the exact opposite.

When you have earned your first credits by giving and keeping small promises, it is time to make them bigger and bolder.

Give a promise, keep a promise.


Good stuff!

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