Enchiridion by Epictetus, chapter 3 – Your favorite cup may break

With regard to whatever objects give you delight, are useful, or are deeply loved, remember to tell yourself of what general nature they are, beginning from the most insignificant things. If, for example, you are fond of a specific ceramic cup, remind yourself that it is only ceramic cups in general of which you are [...]

Promises made, promises kept – from stagnation to action

I recently came across an interesting writer and an ”urban philosopher”, as he describes himself: Gary John Bishop, the author of books ”Unf*ck Yourself” and ”Stop Doing That Sh*t”. After listening to several of his interviews on YouTube, I am very intrigued by many of the ideas he promotes. Paradigm of ActionThis has actually been [...]

Two types of time

I decided not to waste time in an unaccountable manner.  I choose what I do, and then I do it, in the constraints of the reality. Of course, there is always a voice in the back of the head that says that “I want empty/free time”. I have learned recently there does not seem to [...]

Race against the Devil

The sickness is NotGettingShitDone. The symptom is a depressed feeling. Medicine? Getting shit done. Getting over oneself. Paying attention to what is in my power and putting the efforts there. Not getting distracted when one has decided on something. Not allowing the helplessness to creep in. The anxiety and the depression live in harmony with [...]


Feeling a little anxious and lost today. I stopped working at 5 pm, then took a little walk around the neighbourhood, got some groceries and sat in the park. That's all good. Then something happened: Instead of rushing to do my favourite things, I slumped on the bed to “read and research”, which is an [...]

Do things, but don’t force it

I stumbled on Stoicism around 2015. I was watching videos from a guy who distilled practical wisdom from teachings, old and new, and in one of those, one of the old Stoics were mentioned with examples of their teachings. I was immediately hooked, as this philosophy rang true to me. It was like finding my [...]


But what are you doing here, Perceptions? Get back to where you came from, and good riddance. I don't need you. Yes, I know, it was only force of habit that brought you. No, I'm not angry with you. Just go away.- Marcus Aurelius 7.17a That's what you say to perceptions and automatic thoughts, to [...]

Free Hangover!

Here's my Shitty Life Pro Tip of the day for you, friends! Want a hangover, but can not afford the booze? Do this: Lay on your bed with a smartphone in your hand, and browse Facebook, Reddit, news sites, etc. Choose the one you like, as long as it is a "scrolling-site"; one where the [...]

New name!

When I started blogging, I did not have a very clear idea what it should be about. First, I had and article about deceptive, agenda-driven public communication, which became The Art of Bullshit. So, the first impression was that the blog is to be about propaganda, deception, info ops and that kind of dirt. I [...]

Forget the future

Forget the future. When and if it comes, you'll have the same resources to draw on - the same logos.Marcus Aurelius 7.8 When and if it comes. You don't know what happens. It may never come for you, and all you worry now is for nothing. When it comes, it will be dealt with then. [...]