Practice Routine


  • What will you do today, fate permitting? Plan your day. Make absolutely sure you include in it stuff that is meaningful to you or fun, not just chores! 

Throughout the day

  • Continuous attention and awareness of your thoughts, actions, speech and moral choices (Prosochē).
  • Take a time-out when needed. Sit in solitude, go walking, etc.
  • Practice discipline and moderation (food, drink, physical exercise).


Go through the events of the day.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • “What did I do amiss?”
  • “What did I do?”
  • “What duty was left undone?”

Answer the questions honestly, and when possible, in writing.  Keep your file private. Do not just list the stuff you did or did not do throughout the day, but reflect on how you did in regard to your philosophical practice, virtues, and your own goals in life.

If you want, do a more thorough reflection and planning monthly, quarterly or yearly!