Race against the Devil

The sickness is NotGettingShitDone. The symptom is a depressed feeling.


Getting shit done.

Getting over oneself.

Paying attention to what is in my power and putting the efforts there.

Not getting distracted when one has decided on something.

Not allowing the helplessness to creep in.

The anxiety and the depression live in harmony with inactivity, and in focusing on the things you can not change.

Here’s my medicine right now:

1) Figure out to the best of your abilities who you are, what your existence is all about now. This may change over time.

2) Figure out what kind of day would be meaningful to you. What things does it include?

3) Figure out what exact activities that amounts to.

4) Write them down. Not too many, just one or two things per day, in addition to your day job.

5) Make time for these activities, day by day.

6) Do them.

Note! This should not be a laundry list of your undone chores. This needs to be a list of what you actually WANT to do!

Do not make it too complicate or too challenging. Make it as easy as possible. Make sure that even the challenges you give yourself have an element of gratification in them, either during or right after. This is all about how you want to spend your time.

Make it easy! Make it rewarding!

There is no “I have to”, except this one: these are your choices, if you because of laziness forgo them, you are only conning yourself out of the life you would enjoy, and sending yourself to inactivity, uncertainty, indecision and stagnation.

When you get it, get on with it at once! Yes, it is a race against the Devil and one day you will lose. Not today, though!

Haven’t you already spent enough time in the waiting room?

Food for thought:


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