But what are you doing here, Perceptions? Get back to where you came from, and good riddance. I don’t need you. Yes, I know, it was only force of habit that brought you. No, I’m not angry with you. Just go away.

– Marcus Aurelius 7.17a

That’s what you say to perceptions and automatic thoughts, to unneeded judgements: “not angry with you, just go away.”

That’s all you need to do about them.

The old Emperor is right also in this: they are brought by the force of habit. Habits get stronger as they are repeated, so whine a lot in your head, and soon all you hear is powerless whining. Cut that shit out! Learn another habit. Say different things in your mind. Dismiss the wrong ones. Not angrily, but get rid of them like you get rid of your daily trash.


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