All work and no play

Friendship, love, family and work bring some responsibilities. Resentful and angry, we may at times think that it’s all just chores; all work and no play.


Before you give in to bitterness, ask yourself: are you really compelled to do even half of those things you sometimes feel like you must do?  Do others really require so much from you, or did you just make that up?


What’s your own responsibility in the situation?


Did you tell them what you would want and give them a chance to hear your side of the story, or did you just jump into a conclusion that it’s again all on you to save the day? Malicious diligence is dangerous for you health and the well-being of others. That is actually egoism masqueraded as humility and service.


Do you communicate clearly what you want?  Do you take yourself the time for it or do you hang your head and say “ok, ok”.
I thought so…
When you agree, agree gladly.  If you can’t, you should decline. Negotiate another solution, there always is more than one. Decline politely when you must.

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