Big Questions

Here are some very fundamental, big questions.


Go ahead, give them a go.  Even better if you write down your answers, and return to them once in a while.

Task #1

Answer these.

  • What is ultimately the most important thing in life to you?
  • What do you want your life to ‘stand for’ or ‘be about’?
  • What would you most like your life to be remembered for after you’ve died?
  • What sort of thing do you most want to spend your time doing?
  • What sort of person do you most want to be in your various relationships and roles life?
  • How well do your core values match with virtues of Wisdom, Justice, Courage and Moderation?
  • What sort of character do you want to have?

Task #2

Look at your answers and ask yourself how far your real actions on a day-to-day basis match these values. How could you make them match better?

Good luck!


Stoic Week 2016. You can find the entire Stoic Week 2016 handbook here.


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