Random thoughts – on complaining and consistency

Just some random ideas that popped in to my head while doing a weekly reflection.

Do not complain

About anything.

Keep all your complaints and bitter feelings to yourself. Tell your worries to someone only if that someone can really help you in the situation with or is the one responsible of fixing it.

Do not spread negativity.

When you feel the urge to indulge in negative yapping, cut it before it starts. Ask yourself if complaining is a wise thing to do, even if it stays inside the head.

  • Learn to notice negativity and unproductive thoughts early.
  • When something bothers, look at it objectively. How bad is it? Am I making it to be worse than it really is?
  • Find the next step to a productive, constructive and kind solution.
  • Serve this world to your best ability rather than expect to have your way.

Be consistent

Oh shit I really need to learn this now.

Follow your decided habits to the letter.

Be accountable.

Concentrate on doing the right thing rather than the one that tempts the most; you know what it is in most situations. It’s the hard one.

Listen to that voice in you that tells the stuff you don’t want to hear. That voice is right and the other ones are lying.

Remember that consistency is a Superpower.

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