How much virtue does one need on a given day, anyway?

Turns out that… It depends.

“…the harder these things are to bear, the more virtue you must summon to your aid, and the more bravely you must struggle…

– Seneca

When you have nice problems, small problems, or no problems at all, you can do with fairly little virtue.

When life throws fear, pain, sorrow and shame at you, you will need to find Wisdom, Justice, Courage and Self-control from within. Make yourself ready for it.

You will need to find who you really are by forgetting about yourself, by submitting your mind, body and time to the service of this world. It tells you what it needs from you at this time and the answer you give becomes your character.

So don’t mess it up now, you can’t fix it on a sunny day.

Love a lot, without resentment or judgement.

Give a lot, demand little.

Accept everything.

Expect nothing.

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