Renew yourself – any time you need it!

Men seek retreats for themselves – in the country, by the sea, in the hills – and you yourself are particularly prone to this yearning. But all this is quite unphilosophic, when it is open to you, at any time you want, to retreat into yourself. No retreat offers someone more quiet and relaxation than that into his own mind, especially if he can dip into thoughts there which put him at immediate and complete ease: and by ease I simply mean a well-ordered life. The doctrines you will visit there should be few and fundamental, sufficient at one meeting to wash away all your pain and send you back free of resentment at what you must rejoin.
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 4.3

No need to wait

No need to wait for the next vacation or some other special event at a special place.

No need to go anywhere.

There are great reasons to travel around the world, but what is often overlooked by most of us is that for calming and clearing your mind, getting out of the vicious circle of worry and crappy thoughts all the necessary tools are with you all the time.

Try it!

Find a peaceful place. If you can not, then do this in a busy and noisy place. Close your eyes (if appropriate and safe), take a few nice long breaths to settle down.

Think of these:

  • Some things are in our control and others not. In our control are our own deliberate thoughts and actions. Everything else is out of our control. Only things in your control matter in you pursuit of peace and happiness.
  • We are not disturbed by the events, but by our judgements about them.
  • Everything changes, all the time.
  • Memento Mori. What is your next step to the right direction?


Practical Stoicism by Grey Freeman

Observer – 10 Insanely Useful Stoic Exercises

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