Sunday thoughts (week 5 2017)

  •  You will not last. Live now.
  • Play the equanimity game all day long.  It is the best game in town.
  • Make everything else a game too; be that guy in the donkey-kong.
  • Keep a score on everything that matters and beat your former best.
  • Do not take things too seriously.
  • Do not try to make perfect; make everything good enough.
  • Own your mistakes and be proud of them. Or at least very little ashamed of them.
  • If you fucked up, you fucked up because you did things.
  • All that you have ever learned and will learn comes through doing things, not by covering your ass.
  • Do not do any pseudo-work. Do or don’t. Do not do things kinda-sorta almost.
  • Set a time-limit and give yourself to it fully. Immersion. Time-blocking.

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