Sunday thoughts (week 7 2017)

Some confessions

Last time I said:
You will not last. Live now.
I still live like someone who has been promised a thousand years.

Last time I said:
Play the equanimity game all day long.  It is the best game in town.
Sure, I have been playing.
Starting often a bit late, though.
An important thing in this game is the part where you catch stuff early!

Last time I said:
Make everything else a game too.  Be that guy in the donkey-kong.

I have faltered.

I have mixed up what is in my power and what is not. Therefore I have lamented and blamed Gods and men!

I have failed to see the obstacle being the way.

For these mistakes I have paid dearly.

New day brings a new chance. I will forgive me, but just this one time!

Next time, Sir,  you are served a shit-sandwitch, you will say: “Thank You! I love a nice shit-sandwitch, especially if it comes with a dash of pain and shame!”

Last time I said:
Do not take things too seriously.
I take my own bullshit way too seriously.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa.


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