No matter how hard you try

Remember that all must end one day.

Your worry does not hold planes in the air and it does not keep your loved ones from getting sick, it does not change the economic realities for better job-security, no matter how hard you try.

No matter what amount of anxious energy you put in to it, or how
tight is your grip on the things you try to hold on to or how vigorously you push away the things you try to avoid.

Letting fear take over, you will lose your ability to help and give others the support they need. It can make you to not do your job, because you want to avoid making mistakes. Fear does that.

Hold everything in loving embrace but with a loose grip.

One day nothing more will ever happen again, and there will be no-one to remember any of this.

Faced with disappointment, be patient. The thing you hoped to happen now
did not happen, but there will be other opportunities. Sometimes it is better
to wait rather than to go anyway and to deserve a backlash for forcing what was
not ready yet.

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