Play it like a video-game

“Use only the appropriate actions of pursuit and avoidance; and even these lightly, and with gentleness and reservation. “
– Epictetus


Today, as I was planning my day’s activities, I wrote down a little list.


It included a bunch of things that I was hoping to get done during the day, some chores and also some pleasant things for myself.


While writing down that list the thought came to my mind: “I wonder how many of these things I will actually get done”.  


I have made lists before.


I have failed to work through my list, and sometimes I have been immensely bummed about that.


That misses an important point.


Planning is all about filling your time with activities that you want to do and find valuable.  It is not to heighten your stress and your sense of obligation.


The answer is this:
  • Fill your free day or any day with all the activities you want, even take a little challenge and overbook youself slightly.
  • Do not run it through like a list of chores, letting your feel stressed because your “behind” on your schedule or failed at something.
  • Rather, play it like it was a video-game.
  • Pursue all those things passionately but lightly.
  • Do your best but accept that things change all the time and there’s no perfection.


Play it like a video-game, trying how far can you get and how many points you can score!

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