Today’s Meditation: watch “Optimistic Nihilism”


In this video-game of life, time is an issue.  Time may be The Issue, since it will inevitably separate you from some things soon, and from all things eventually.


If you have little children, you will very soon lose them by them growing up and going to school, becoming teenagers, and then after a bit, young adults.


And that is your best possible outcome.


So there’s no way you can keep things. You will lose your own current state by you growing older and your body and mind changing. You can only use these resources of life, but you can not save them for later. You can maintain them (body, mind, property) well so that they will be more likely to serve you well in the future, but there is no guarantee. Eventually all relationships, internal and external, will come to an end, one way or another.


Now watch that video “Optimistic Nihilism” linked above, then start playing another session of your video-game of life, do things that you like, score more points by making the life of others better and do what you can to help building  the Galactic Human Empire.


While you’re at it, have fun!


The clock is ticking.

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