Be anxious!


“I have only one anxiety: that I myself should not do something which the human constitution does not intend – or does not intend in this way or at this time.”
– Marcus Aurelius


Ask yourself all the time: “does this come from good intentions and is this helpful”.


Keep a constant tension between your directing mind and your actions. Check in frequently that the flashlight of awareness points right at your words and actions and that you record the findings, especially then ones you are not sure that are consistent with your goals in life. Know what the goals and values are so that you have something to compare against.


When needed, learn a new habit that replaces the old. Repeat the new habit so many times that it eats away the old behaviour.


Be anxious at times, since that can not be avoided altogether, but make sure that you direct your anxiety to the right things.


Be anxious about you not doing the right thing, and only about that.

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