You don’t have to have an opinion

“Does anyone bathe hastily? Do not say that they do it ill, but hastily. Does anyone drink much wine? Do not say that they do ill, but that they drink a great deal. For unless you perfectly understand their motives, how should you know if they act ill? Thus you will not risk yielding to any appearances except those you fully comprehend.”

– Epictetus

We have opinions about things and we tend to think that those opinions are important. Most of the time they aren’t.

One way to increase you peace of mind and reduce the unnecessary suffering is to simply not have opinions on so many things.

Just observe things as they happen, react appropriately if it is needed, but suspend judgement and try not to have strong opinions about them one way or the other. Practice objectivity in real life, real-time.

Your opinions are rarely of any value, unless you are an expert in that field or someone really wants to know.

Decision-making takes a toll on your mind. Why would you have to make decision about every little thing that you have no control of, deciding which side you’re on in this matter? That is why the social media is such a place of misery. It is often nothing but opinions about stuff that doesn’t matter, from people who know next to nothing about the thing in question.

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