Can you go on any length of time without sensual pleasures?

How bad would it be to, for example, for one week to eat the simplest food and to drink only water, and to use all your time and powers to… things other than diving head first into instant gratification?

Remember the last time you got all the goodies the heart desires?

Did it feel good after overeating, getting shitfaced drunk, or messing up your diet with candy or ice-cream? No, it did not. Too much is too much.

This is not a moral issue, it’s just about being smart enough to get some material and sensual pleasure in life, some of the time, without shooting yourself in the foot.

There is really nothing wrong with indulgence per se.  Let’s not make it a moral issue.


I have found that when indulgence becomes a regular, frequent habit, it takes away your freedom.

It makes you think about those items of indulgence all the time, it makes you bargain, it can make you hurt yourself in exchange for more goodies. It brings the all-consuming Fear Of Missing Out into your life.

Thoughts will run around in circles, around that object of desire.

You may start avoiding other things, or hiding from problems in life, running to the safety of your favourite indulgence; instant gratification and instant relief from fear and pain.

Taken far enough, the price is your freedom.

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