An autumn morning

Absolutely gorgeous, stunning morning in Helsinki.

Leaves are now in full colour. I see green, yellow, reddish, orange. Dark brown tree trunks. Leaves on the ground. It’s bright, beautiful and fresh here now. We are getting ready for what’s coming next. Nature is always ready for what comes next, on time. It also takes the unexpected gracefully and adapts.

I do my best to gain maximum mental flexibility. Nothing is as anxious as the feeling of trying to force things to go my way. Using muscle, fighting against the forces of nature.

That, if anything, is a waste of energy.

Flow easily. Be ready for whatever comes. Consider the possibility that anything can happen. Any of the things you can think of, and some that didn’t even cross you mind.

When it comes, welcome it, and deal with it with your best skills. Be grateful for the good thing you got, or for the opportunity to practice and become better.

Easier said than done, but it can be done. Some do it better than others. Don’t expect anything, your own performance or anything else, to be perfect.

What you do frequently, you’ll become good at.

Become good at going with the flow of life, without struggle.

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