Reckon on everything, expect everything


Have you worked on a goal and failed?

Have you been bullshitting yourself about something?

I sure have.

Now, would you like to climb back on the right wagon? Do that with me today, with these thoughts in mind!

Reckon on everything

Log the numbers. Know your key figures. Know where you are with this project. Don’t practice wishful thinking. Minimise the guesswork. Use real numbers and make predictions that are based on reality. Face the hard truth. Look at the real situation, that you’d rather intuitively avoid. Make yourself look at the reality. In order to do that, measure your performance on the key things, in that which you want to see improved.

Do this without fuzzing, stressing, and self-blame. Just The Truth, that’s all.

Expect everything

Expect yourself to stumble. Have a plan for that: when you stumble, own up to it, cut your losses, get back up and keep going. Know in advance that it will happen, so that when it happens you will not be struck by surprise. So that you will no lose your ability to see the bigger picture, and will not lose your courage to act.

Know the weaknesses and threats in your system. One of them is human nature, and that is unavoidable. Because it is unavoidable, be ready for it!

Do this without fuzzing, stressing, and self-blame. Just The Truth, that’s all.


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