Memento Mori

Remember that the time is finite.

We lose each other in so many ways, and it happes from moment to moment, all of the time. Things change, people change.

What is good about this time, savour it, but do not expect it to last.

Do not allow yourself to use your precious moments in the lowlands of depression. You can, if you want, snap out of it by doing something. Something, anything productive!

You will need to redirect your energy from resisting the pain to positive action.

Do you believe all the bullshit that your mind serves you? You don’t have to.

Remember that what you experience, feel and see is not The Truth. You see a partial representation of the reality, filtered by your personal biases, your anxieties, your interests.

So: what sticks out to you in this world?

You can influence what becomes visible to you, by paying attention.

Everyone is against you and things never work out for you? OK. Could it be that you have learned to see things this way? Is it even true?

Direct your energy to acting on the things that make sense to you. Reconfigure your world to serve those things.

New things will start becoming visible.

The wold did not change, you changed what you pay attention to.

Your mind colours everything, with the colours that are available to it.

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